Team Coaches and Team Managers

Each of our teams are assigned a Team Coach and a Team Manager.  These are voluntary roles that are fulfilled by parents and are very important to making the season successful and enjoyable.

Team Coach

The role of the Team Coach on game day involves three key activities:

1. Match set-up

  • Batting order
  • Bowling order
  • Set field placings
  • Selection of captain
  • Coin toss (home games)
  • Lead catching and other warm-up drills

2. Match umpire 

3. Liaison with opposition coach, including cancellation decisions

Team Manager

The Team Manager is responsible for:


  • Scoring and refreshments roster
  • Ground set-up (home games)
  • Managing team when batting
    • Ensure kids are padding up
    • Encourage those not batting to support their team mates
  • Upload scores to My Cricket
  • Team social events (1 - 2 per year)
  • Team sponsorship