Rules governing play in Finals

The following rules apply specifically to play in Finals games -

Rule 13.3 To be eligible to play in finals series matches, a player shall have played in at least six playing days with the team during the season.

13.6 A player having played a semi-final shall be eligible to play for the same team in the final of that grade.

46.6 (a) Where a Club has more than one team in the same age group, a player will only be eligible for semi-final or final matches, if he has played at least three (3) matches in the Grade concerned.

46.6 (b) If a Club has more than one team appearing in the semi-finals or grand final of the same age group, free interchange shall be allowed between those team

Substitutes are allowed to field - involve all your team in finals games. 12 Players can bat and 12 players can bowl in Under 13 finals. Retirements made under the official retirement scores are deemed out and cannot return.