How we play at Malvern

At Malvern we encourage all our players, coaches, managers and parents to play within the "Spirit of Cricket".      

We want all Under 11 & 13 Year olds to be given a fair go each week.   We encourage teams to move through Under 11 & Under 13 together where possible. We will also endeavour to keep groups of friends together in initial team selection, but know cricket can build new friends and encourage a mixture of groups within teams. Great friendships (Parents and Children) are built in our cricket teams between those who may not have known each other initially.

Find attached a document detailing how we play the game at Malvern, including our code of conduct. We support Cricket Australia's "Well played" guidelines for Junior Cricket at all times.

If you believe your team is not following our guidelines then speak with your Coach or Team Manager.   If you aren't satisfied then feel free to contact one of our Committee members or Coaching Director.